Preparation and Pre-Treatment

We believe preparation and pre-treament is one the most important process for powder coating.

Preparation and Pre-Treatment

Preparation is the first step of the process and perhaps the most important one. This step determines how well the powder coating adheres to the metal surface, and there are various options for cleaning and prepping the surface to get that all round great finish.  Using a degreaser and/or phosphate rinse is ideal, followed by a quick water rinse.

ali pre treatment

Aluminum Pre-treatment

Some customers prefer an etch primer before applying the powder coated finish, we work closely with akzonoble who have advised the best cromadex primer for aluminium is a cromadex 903 which is a chromate free wet sprayed primer, this has DFT of 15-20microns this can only be applied once metal is de oxidised by abrading the metal prior to application, this gives a great smooth finish with a longer lasting life of the powder coated finish.

Mild Steel Pre-treatment

Mild steel pre-treatment is quite different, we tend to remove the excess greases and clean the mild steel with abrasives at around p40-p80 grit either that or grit blast or shot blast the fabricated product to an SA2.5 standard before rinsing and passivating prior to the powder coated primer being applied, this will then be cure to a certain temperature before applying the topcoat of powder requested by the customer in question.
Close-up of worker spraying red paint on body of a car in special garage