Finished Products

Maintaining gloss levels within powder coating ranging from standard matt finishes (30%) to high gloss (80%)

Finished Products

At Metal Powder Coating Bucks, we strive for perfection in the quality of our products, we make sure this is shown in the time and procedure of our pre-treatment process but also in the application process to make sure the best quality products are produced at all times, we are driven to get the best quality finished products we can possibly produce.
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We truly believe using the highest quality powder produces the highest quality finish we work closely with various of the high-end powder suppliers inc and not limited to Interpon, Syntha Pulvin, tiger, IGP and Axalta. We only use class 2 powders on all products even if not requested to make sure the finish is to the best standard.


Powders come in a wide range of colours and textures. Gloss levels range from standard matt (30%), satin (60%), gloss (70%) to high gloss (80%). All +/- 5%. Applied film thickness is a minimum of 40 microns and up to 200 microns for thermoplastic powders. We only use premium architectural polyester powder coatings and pre-treatment chemicals from highly regarded manufacturers, offering a proven product with technical support.