Application process

We our years of experience in powder coating, we can create various product finishes with wide range of colours.

Application process

Our powder coating powders are applied by skilled technicians using state of the art, manual electrostatic spray equipment. These technicians have been trained to keep a consistent, repeatable, and highly durable finish with a minimum coating thickness being around 40 microns, but we can work to higher standard being a consistent 60- 80+ microns as some customers request a class 2 finish.
Colorful powder explosion on white background. Abstract pastel color dust particles splash.

Initial Process

In this process making sure the metal work has the best possible earth is key because polyester powder is mixed with compressed air and then fed through the electrostatic spray gun, this then charges the powder particles, so the earthed metal will cause a static once the electrode on the gun is activated causing the powder to cling to metal and attach until this then reaches the curing oven for its final process before cooling.

Final Process

The final process is just as important as the first process this being curing, and cooling of the powder coated products. Oven regulations and test are run daily to make sure the powder coating curing is to it highest standard, to prevent chipping and poor adhesion of the polyester powder. We work closely with our various powder suppliers to make sure the accurate curing process is completed for each different powder. Data sheets are used to make sure that we work to right system, then all products are left to cool before packing and shipping to our happy customers.
final process