With our years of experience of fabrication we can create various products with a wide range of materials.

Metal Fabrication

From construction industry to rail, medical, recycling, our advanced engineers are relied upon in almost every sector. We offer a range of quality metal fabrication and welding services following the standards of BSEN-1090-2, ISO-9001 AND IS0-14001.

steel structure workshop is under construction against a blue sky

Our Capability

Metal Fabrication Bucks Limited Have grown in many areas recently investing in new machinery and software throughout the factory keeping our staff up to standard with all the training and needs to make the best of quality products that not only make our customers happy but to make us happy with the products we produce. 

We are now capable to cut and form 4 metre products with our new 200ton 4m press brake and 4metre guillotine we also have a LVD Strippit CNC punch machine with repositioning to longer lengths if needed, we also powder coat to class 2 standard using class 2 powders with and oven capable to cure 6metre products.


We offer various types of metal fabrication and welding services based on our team’s extensive experience and equipment. Our highly qualified and experienced operators work with individual welding bays and can undertake both large and small-scale projects. They are capable of many additional assembly processes, including spot welding, plug welding and riv-nut inserts. We can also provide finishing operations, using grinding and sanding techniques to ensure that your parts have the desired surface finish.

Cutting with a mechanical saw profile pipe with cooling

Cost-effective Processes

Metal Fabrication Bucks Limited have a dedicated engineering team that are able to select the most appropriate method to produce the part you require and are trained to work to high standards following BSEN 1090-2 Standards. We have an in-house GREEN Scheme that reduces the amount of scrap in complex fabrications and minimises the number of required operations, to keep cost and waste as minimal as possible for the environment.